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First series in development!

The first TV series Jadiel created is in development with Corus Development and Sinking Ship Ent. and Nelvana producing.
It is a young adult supernatural mixed-media adventure series: Zombra: Ghoul Detective. Zombra is a Black-Latina teen girl who uses her special investigative talents to solve otherworldly mysteries.

A prehistoric beginning!

His writing journey began with pitching Dino Dana episodes

Jadiel's passion for writing is revealed through story telling! He is one of the youngest members of the Writers Guild of Canada and has written for the Emmy award winning, action adventure kids television series Dino Dana. Dino Dana tells the tale of a 10-year-old paleontologist-in-training who embarks on a series of adventures with dinosaurs. Check out Dino Dana on Amazon Prime Video and TVO Kids in Canada.

Jadiel wrote 3 Dino Dana episodes

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Growing Up Dino

Flying Expectations

Dinosauroid Dana

Planting the seed, unknowingly!

In 2014, on the set of Annedroids, planting the seed for a new television creator, writer, showrunner, and director...

Jadiel with J.J. Johnson, Director, Creator, Producer of Annedroids, Odd Squad, Dino Dana, Endlings, etc. (Sinking Ship Ent.)