Jadiel was named "One of Canada's Rising Stars: Making an Impact in Hollywood" by The Hollywood Reporter during the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018. He was also the recipient of the Rising Star Award at the Bentonville Film Festival in 2019, which was cofounded 5 years ago by Academy Award Actress Geena Davis and Inclusion Companies CEO Trevor Drinkwater.

Jadiel became a breakout star in 2016 when he earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for his role in Amazon Prime's critically-acclaimed original children's series Annedroids. The award nomination is in the category for Outstanding Performer in a Children's or Pre-school Children's Series, and it marked his first as a series lead. Over the years, he's also been nominated for several acting awards and won a few.

He's a guest star on Netflix’s and CBC (Canada) new TV series “Northern Rescue.” He’s also a principal on Nicklelodeon's (Teen Nick and YTV) TV series Star Falls. He plays Phoenix Brooks, the eccentric and philosophical older son of the movie star who moves to a small town to shoot a movie. He was nominated by Canada's Joey Awards for Best Recurring or Leading Actor in a Comedy Television Series and Best Ensemble in a Television Show in September 2018.

Jadiel also gained legions of fans for his recurring appearance as a Judge on the reality competition series, Zoink'd. His credits also include guest-starring roles on Northern Rescue on Netflix, Rogue on DirecTV's, and Dino Dana on TVO and Amazon Prime. He's also lent his voice to the TV movie The Swap, the animated children's show Super Why!, the live-action animation hybrid series The Stanley Dynamic and several others.

Jadiel's passion for story telling is revealed through scriptwriting. He's a regular writer for Dino Dana, which follows in the footsteps of Sinking Ship's Emmy-nominated Dino Dan and Trek's Adventures. It's about a 10 year-old paleontologist in training who embarks on a series of adventures with dinosaurs.

Jadiel started his career modeling and appearing in commercials at the age of 12. He discovered his singing skills when he auditioned and landed a lead role of the Japanese produced DVD series GrapeSEED.

Jadiel with Chancellor Janice Fukakusa & President Mohammed Lachemi 

Jadiel also excels academically. He was awarded the prestigious President's Scholarship from Ryerson University. This scholarship is a "full-ride," and it is awarded to only a few Canadian students that "demonstrate academic accomplishment, leadership qualities, and original thought and creative ability." He's pursuing a double major, Philosophy and Film Studies.

From Canada, Jadiel is proud of his unique cultural background. His parents emigrated from Panama, instilling the importance of fluently speaking Spanish, while also embracing his Afro Caribbean heritage. This helps to explain his appreciation of multi-cultural music, flavorful foods, and his affinity for learning new accents, such as French, British, Jamaican, Spanish (Latino), African, Australian, and Indian.

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